Festivals of the Latino Wedding Festival

Every tradition has its own distinctive beliefs, and Latino ceremonies are no exception. There are many cherished components that can be incorporated into your wedding, including un lazo and the arras. And I’ve seen it all as a leading Latino wedding Dj in Chicago https://mylatinabride.com.

Even though some of these traditions may seem out of date, countless contemporary Latinx spouses incorporate them into their commitments and rites. For instance, after a city or community center ceremony, guests frequently toss chicken seed ( also known as vibora de la mar ), https://www.thoughtco.com/most-important-women-in-world-history-3528530 which represents male fertility and luck.

The funds dancing is another enjoyable custom that is frequently performed at events. To assist the bride and groom on their new journey up, attendees use safety pins to place money on them during this enjoyable dancing. Typically, the party is performed to acoustic tango, merengue, cumbia, or nortenas audio. The partners frequently uses the money they raise to pay for their wedding or innovative house.


Latinx marriages also have a unique ceremonial ritual known as “el lazo,” or the cord weave, in addition to these enjoyable greeting customs. Following the ceremony, the couple bows their heads and is tied together with a cord, necklace, or pale string to symbolize their newfound unity. Your wedding day do think even more beautiful with the help of this lovely symbolism.

Finally, some marriages will conclude with a customary hour loca, or crazy hr. The lights will dim after many of the other elegant elements have been completed, and then chaos ensues as guests break out the noisemakers, light up props and confetti. It’s a exotic party-within-a-party that likely send your guests crazy.